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Fire Extinguisher Inspections -Tag & Test fire Extinguishers- Refills and pressure testing New Installations-Fire equipment sales…

Exit Signs

Exit Sign Batteries-Save money and repair your Exit Signs. We sell and install new replacement batteries for exit and emergency lighting –

Smoke Alarms

Annual test with detailed reports with images. New replacement smoke alarms…


AESMR – Annual Essential Safety Measures inspections, testing and reports…ESM scheduled inspections & reports.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers -All types and sizes- Sales Installations and service. We service Fire hose reels, Cabinets, Fire blankets Hydrants all types of fire equipment.


Short or long term extinguisher rental available for special events, trade shows or party function.we will do our best to help…

Fire Services
Exit Signs
Smoke Alarm


  • Commissioning testing for new development

  • Six monthly test

  • Annual flow test

  • 3 Yearly flow test

  • 5 Yearly flow test

  • 6 Yearly flow test

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It’s all over in 2-1/2 minutes. Does your smoke alarm work?

It’s just astounding how quickly fires grow. In your home, office or work, fire will burn almost anything if hot enough. This is what happens in flash over. The temperature is so hot everything begins to burn. How long does it take from zip to all over in about 2.5 minutes

Here is another example. Just scary!! 2.5 minutes is all you have, Be Ready!

You just cant imagine what will start the fire. Being prepared, Being prepared /alerted will save you so much. It only needs to happen once in a anyone’s lifetime.
Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Fat/Oil fire in your kitchen This made a huge impact on me!

The first time I saw this many years ago it stuck in my mind as reminder to the power of hot oil or fat.
Educate yourself be aware and you will be prepared!

We highly recommend Fire Services Melbourne. Mike provides a detailed report on our equipment at a very reasonable price. He has always been friendly & on time! Happy to refer. Regards, Containerspace (shipping container sales, storage & repair service in Melbourne)
Helen Paterson
I am very satisfied with the service provided by Mike of Melbourne Fire Services replacing our fire extinguishers very professional and honest. Hence I am asking a quotation to service my fire alarms and extinguisher.
Highly recommended for his services.
Chito Balazo
Melbourne Safety Services were very timely in helping us out of a tight situation. The professionalism of there service and reports was of a very high standard.
Black Line Retail
Brett Bellingham
I had a brand new extinguisher installed for my premises and found the service prompt and professional and very friendly. Mike was amazing. I would recommend Fire Services Melbourne very highly to anyone
Gaetana Trapani
Fire Services Melbourne were quick to come out and inspect our Fire Extinguishers. Mike was able to not only check them but locate them in the correct position and attach corresponding signs. Further to that he was able to recommend the correct extinguisher to use in the various situations which, if ever needed, will save on damage to machinery and equipment.
Larry Sbisa
Extremely quick, prompt and reliable service. A very cost effective company to supply and install all your fire extinguisher needs.
– Adrian Marrone, Grow Constructions
Adrian Marrone
Great service. Thumbs up
Marion David
Great services at fantastic prices!
Mischa Eichinski